Suzie Harvey
Elections Administrator/Voter Registrar

9159 Airport Road, Conroe, Texas 77303
(936) 539-7843

Registered Voters as of 7/20/2024 : 443,840
Required Identification
for Voting in Person
photo id
Request for Voter Registration Application

Enter your name on the application exactly as it appears on
the approved Photo ID that you will present for voting.

Fill out the form and submit it by mail or personal delivery to the address below.


 Elections Administrator
  P.O. Box 2646
Conroe, Texas 77305-2646


 Elections Administrator
  9159 Airport Road
Conroe, TX 77303

get adobe
You may fax your application, but the application must also be mailed and must be received by the fourth business day after the fax is received for it to be effective Fax (936) 538-8143.
If you would like to receive current election notices and information or for comments or questions, please Email us.
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